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Death of Australian man parasailing in Phuket - two Thai men charged with negligence


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3 hours ago, sensei said:

I've done that before and scares me to watch that video.

It is unconventional but a "navigator" flies with the client. He stirs the chute by tugging on the ropes because there is no way the client can stir himself back to shore against the wind and with the boat out at sea.

The "navigator" just holds on and sometimes would wrap his legs around the flyers' chest area just to get leverage. 

What i see here is that there is no way the man could have unhooked or unfastened the harness himself. His sheer weight would not allow that. It could have been a rip in the worn out harness.

This is a disaster and traumatic to his companions.

RIP old man.

possibly you mean he STEERS the 'chute.

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After doing a little research of the internet these two quotes seem plausable and probably what happened.

Operators told police the 70-year-old man confused the ropes on his parasail and pulled on a hook which unstrapped his harness, causing him to fall to the sea below. He was taken to Patong hospital, where he later died.

It looks like he was holding onto the 2 hooks and then a second before takeoff the black line goes under his arm and you see him holding on by his armpits. This is why the guy on the ground goes nuts also I would bet the old man was screaming in pain. The operator then goes up top to free his arms but after freeing them he does not realize the old man unhooked himself...

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3 hours ago, jaiyen said:

 Remember the Aussie guy who was recently charged with manslaughter (I think ) when he crashed a jet ski and his G/F got killed ?

You make an excellent point "jaiyen" and I wonder how this will pan out........will truly show whether there is a bias in Thai law!

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8 hours ago, 4MyEgo said:

What you have to worry about is the sentence they will get, or lack if it.

500 baht fine and they'll be back illegally parasailing before you can shake a stick.


No value for life here, and no enforcement of proper safety rules and regulations.


But while we're at it, why only charged with negligence?  Why not charged with manslaughter or 2nd degree murder / murder with flagrant disregard for life?

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5 hours ago, Spellforce said:

There is a 2nd mistake: why the thai man behind the australian was not attached ?

We can see on the video that he's trying to save the passenger ... with one hand ?

You guys don't see to be aware how they do it here. The customer is buckled in. The Thai guide just jumps up into the cords and hangs on with his hands and legs. Seen it a thousand times and keep waiting for the guide to fall. Would have jumped to that conclusion if I was  on the beach that day .

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5 hours ago, bra said:

This is getting extensive coverage on all Australian TV news channels today. Very bad publicity for Phuket and Thai tourism

And so it should be...also a BBC....

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4 hours ago, Destiny1990 said:

How can these people operating their business on public beaches without even the correct paperwork insurance documents etc? Looking at their mugshots somehow they resemble  me of the  tuk tuk driver in Patong.

Are you seriously asking how ?

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