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Chinese "spoilt brat" tourist tries to kill himself after being denied a "Big Mac"!


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Chinese "spoilt brat" tourist tries to kill himself after being denied a "Big Mac"!



Picture: Daily News


PATTAYA: -- Police were called to Jomtien after a "spoilt brat" aged 20 went into a fit after being denied a hamburger.


A Chinese tour group had stopped near a housing estate on the Chaiyapreuk Road in Jomtien for a bite to eat.


Mum Chee Lu Feuy had bought her 20 year old son Chee a pizza but he was not happy.


He went into convulsions of rage demanding that his mother go to McDonald's and get him a burger instead.


She refused to give in to his hissy fit.


But it only made matters worse - Chee ran out and tried to kill himself by running into passing traffic.


Pattaya police headed by Korn Somkhane arrived to try and calm the situation and found Chee shaking uncontrollably on the tarmac.


They managed to calm him - or so they thought. For after a few more moments he started to fight and try and kill himself again.


After thirty minutes of this the Chinese man went into shock and fainted.


The cops loaded him onto a police pick-up and took him to Bangkok Hospital.


The mum told Daily News how she had bought a pizza but that wasn't good enough for her son who demanded McDonald's then threw a fit.


Daily News called him "luuk thewada" or Angel Child in their headline that is the Thai version of a spoilt brat.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-07-26
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I recall reading some time ago that the one child policy had given rise to a lot of 'little emperors'. Spoilt, narcissistic people many of whom are now of course adults. A worrying thought when you consider the position of China in the world today.

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She obviously forgot to bring her cane (big stick) with her, speedy recovery to the spoilt little brat, perhaps mum should give in next time as all the commotion isn't worth it. Me personally, would be using the big stick, brings em in line every time, including the dogs, just a couple of taps on the ground and everybody, including dogs are eating humble pie 555 

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The guy obviously has mental issues, as even the most spoiled of brats won't try to kill themselves over a hamburger.  Throw a tantrum, sure.  Threaten to commit suicide?  Possibly.  


Throw himself in front of moving traffic?  That's mental illness.


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