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Maggots in my tomatoes

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On August 11, 2017 at 6:15 AM, Thian said:

A bottle of neemoil of that size costs about 200 baht.

You might be right about the price.

In Dr. TL post of the pdf. of Sadao, I have a pic I posted on one of

the many neem threads, when HomePro was still at The Mall Korat

they stocked it there. Just the 2 larger of the 3 in the pic. Without

searching, the middle size of the 3  was Bt. 450/550?? and the large

one was Bt.950/1050??? It's been a while, but prices in LOS don't

go down. Pic of the Ag store where I got the neem I pictured. The

white building wasn't there last time I went, were heading back to

Nonsung, just left Home Pro.


Ag Store chems.png

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On 11/08/2017 at 11:07 AM, drtreelove said:

Even though I know it's useful, I have a personal aversion to vinegar in all forms, its just so harsh and so stinky. (Comes from a traumatic incident when I was a kid I chugged a half a glass of white vinegar before it hit me and blew my head off.  My mother had set it out on the kitchen counter to rinse her hair, I ran in from playing outside in the summer sun, thirsty as hell and saw it sitting there, ; well I've never been the same, don't even like vinegarette salad dressing.


Since being introduced to the beautiful and useful neem tree while living for two years in India in the 70s, I really like the botanical pesticide products and have good success in using them, after I learned how.  Many people get discouraged because they try one application and it doesn't bring full control of a pest, so they think it didn't work.  Well it only works with repeated applications, much like most organic program compatible bio pesticides. And you have to use it preventively, not like hard chemistry synthetics that achieve a nearly complete knock down of an advanced infestation, with one application.  It takes different thinking, and anticipation of potential pest problems, and early intervention. If you wait for advanced infestations to develop, and plant or crop damage to occur then botanical insecticides and biological fungicides are not appropriate and won't work the way you might hope for.


But this is one of the challenges, in learning to garden and farm organically.  Regular monitoring/inspections, even daily, at least weekly, are an essential component of IPM. Look for moths and beetles present, eggs on underside of leaves, young first instar caterpillars, etc and control them before they start to do much damage. Better yet, know what problems the plants and products you grow are susceptible to and start with preventive barrier treatments before the infestation or infection gets started. This is where neem is at it's best, for preventive treatment, disruption of pest reproduction and feeding. But you need to apply every two weeks for purely preventive action, every week if you have missed your morning monitoring walk through, and let the pest get ahead of you, and now you have to try and control an active infestation. 


There are different types of neem products. 70% neem oil is the most useful and affordable in my opinion, but I have not seen it in Thailand.  


Thaineem.co.th appears to only distribute the Azadirachtin extract. (aza A content not less than .1%). And it's relatively expensive.  


In the US I use "clarified hydrophobic extract of neem" or 70% neem oil, see attached Trilogy label.  This product contains more of the full spectrum of neem seed oil biochemistry, not just the potent Aza extract. So it is a biofungicide as well as botanical insecticide and miticide.  I pay about US$100 for 2 1/2 gals (10 liters) of Trilogy. But I pay the same price for a quart (liter) of Azatrol or other brand of azadirachtin product. 


If anybody finds 70% neem oil or can talk to Thaineem about availability, please post the information. 





Thank you Dr Treelove. Another very intetesting post from you. 

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