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August 2017 Photography Competition


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1992. Cold morning in Noi Soi, a few years before the village got burnt out.That blue in the background is a really cold morning mist. Freakin' stuff sinks right into yer bones. No heat in the bamboo houses. Had to get up in the morning, ( baby brother ) go outside to make a fire to get some heat and make breakfast.

Roy B 7 007.jpg

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Won't win a prize, sure. But my photo just goes teh show ya there is STILL  a genuine Thai smile in this Land Of Smirks. How do we know this photo is Thai related? Well, lookit the "Chiang Mai Orchid" sign in the background. AND and, and and...( she ) bought this hat at the west end of the market for baht 300. Then we walked about seventy three and a half feet...give er take a foot... along the market way. Another vender selling the same durned hat fer bath 120. CHIT!


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