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Participating in daily buddhist practice

Chris Sheehey

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Hi Everyone,


I am an experienced meditator planning to spend a couple of months in Thailand (one month in Chiang Mai and one month in Hua HIn).  I am not interested in residential practice, but would like to go to a temple each day for an hour of meditation.  I am interested in talking to teachers and participating in ceremonies, as well, but this is not critical.  Is this type of participation acceptable in the average temple in Thailand? Thanks in advance for your advice.  


Deep bow,



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Certainly not at the average temple, at least not unless you are fluent in Thai.  You'll need to find one that teaches and practices meditation and has english speaking teachers.  In Chiang Mai Wat Umong is probably your best bet, they have a section of the monastery which is an international meditation centre and you would be able to pop in and sit with others on residential retreat.  I also noticed during the time I was there the local Zen group would meet with the teacher for discussion one per week or so.  You could also try one of the Ajahn Tong manasteries.


I don't know about Hua Hin sorry.

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