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Thinking of moving to Isaan

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Hi guys,


I am considering moving to Ubon Ratchathani province hopefully within the next 6 months.


My situation:

Have a first class masters degree from a good UK university.

Am 36 years old.

Own a house worth £369k with £220k left on the mortgage.

Have around £25k savings. Also about £8k worth of stuff that I can sell.

Pissed off with current job and have left, pissed off with life in the UK in general.

Have a reasonable grasp of written and spoken Thai (but not really any Isaan).

Have just come back from several weeks staying in Khong Chiam, Pho Sai and Trakan Phuet Phon.


My question is, am I in a good enough position to consider the move? I have someone (Thai) who I can stay with for free initially. Income wise I have two options. She has said I can invest in her start-up shop for around 90k Baht which will give me somewhere to stay above the shop and will gets some money for helping out from time to time but obviously I don't think that's legal. Or I can look at teaching English, which shouldn't be a problem, I really enjoy languages, and hold a full clean motorcycle license to save money.


With regards to my house in the UK. I don't have family base I can stay at in the UK so if I sell it I am burning my bridges. I could rent it out, and I predict the rental, after deducting agency fees and mortgage will provide another 6k baht per month, with the added benefit that someone is paying my mortgage and I will have somewhere to come back to. But then obviously I won't get the big lump sum from the equity in my house.


Does anyone have any advice or questions?


Thanks in advance.

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I'm bored in the UK, my career bores the hell out of me and most of my good friends have moved away anyway.


If I keep my house in the UK and rent it, I will not be penniless in the future.


If I just go to Isaan with liquid assets, around £30,000, would you consider that to be viable?


I would be considering marriage and a work permit.

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