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Jai Dee,

Thanks. You are also Jai Yen yen. I came down pretty hard on you guys.

I appreciate the work you're doing. Wasn't aware I could report people (maybe I read the rules too fast).

I hope you know my intention is not to use the forum for advertising the magazine.

If you have advice about how to curb things, couch things or otherwise say things

correctly so I'm not taking advantage, please let me know.

As soon as things calm down with misinformation about what's happening (only the destructive posts), then I'll not be so present about this topic. Thanks again.

As for the moderators of this thread:

Why don't you have any rules against slander? This person is able to say that

5,000 copies were never printed when in fact they were and he didn't even contact the printers to find out. As I've said before, this forum is not taken seriously by anyone I know, but you should try to maintain some level of integrity. Any level. Erasing emails and URL's doesn't really count.

You have the same rights as any other member posting on the forum... if you feel that a post is slanderous or offensive, please use the Report function that will alert all online moderators of the problem.

Please however, do not use the forum for advertising your own product. The forum rules are quite clear on this matter. Should you wish to become a sponsor of the forum, then your advertising would be permitted on the forum.

If you are interested in sponsoring the forum, please contact sales(at)thaivisa.com.

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as per the slander thing - you can't slander a psudonym (though we know who you are...)

You can slander a public institution (as one bookstore owner who advertises here has slandered another who

does not...)

That posters hiding behind psudonmys can flame each other is a time-honored part of this kind of "institution" and certainly not to be expected to stop. I merely consider it annoying when people accuse me of perjury (for excerpting from internet sources for my article on Drugs and Cultural Survival in the Golden Triangle - which does contain first-hand accounts...).

As Mr Ozark kind of pointed out, opinions presented here aren't usually taken very seriously (and why oh why, when a 'popular' - in terms of respondant #s - recent posting seems to be about what to do with 3 "entertainers" while cruising about up here...).

Still, whether Thai laws are printed on toilet paper or not (MumboJumbo), it may be wise to take the fact that they can be enforced at least somewhat seriously.

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