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The distinction between dualism and non-dualism

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On 7/6/2018 at 12:37 PM, fusion58 said:

First, we probably need to reframe "the validity of conventional dualities."


"Validity" is more of a logical construct than an ontological one. If you substitute "existence" for "validity," then I think Nagarjuna's position becomes more clear.


This is to say, opposites which, when paired, comprise conventional dualities can only be said to exist interdependently, or in a relative sense. Therefore, we can impute neither being nor non-being (or "coming or going") to them.


By analogy, a wave on the ocean isn't created from nothing. Likewise, it doesn't expire into nothingness or non-being when it disappears from our view. The wave has no existence independent of the ocean - it's simply something the ocean is doing. 

Conventional dualities exist only within the frame of conventional human experience. Hot and cold refer to temperatures of roughly 30 or 40 degrees C in the atmosphere, or minus 2 degrees C, or less or more depending on one's environment, and previous experiences, and conditioning.


Everything is interdependent, without exception, including weather, climate, and human behaviour.

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