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Ron19 - The previous 30 years and the journey through.

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The journey started with a trip to Thailand in 1987 and another the following year 

I will leave those for the time being  and get back to them at a later date.


I would like to kick this thread off with the the most important and fulfilling decision I have made in my life.


It started in Perth Australia when a mate of mine Kevin was down in the dumps so I suggested to him that

he should go on an overseas holiday and Thailand would be a place he'd like.


Took my advice and booked a two week trip to Pattaya. Came back when his time was up, booked for another month this time and left the very next day. As you do, shook his hand and told him not to do anything that I wouldn't do and away he went.


Must have fallen in love with the place, maybe the friendly people.


He went on another trip in 1990 and around the time he was due back, another mate and I were having a quiet

ale at a club on the waterfront at Leighton beach Fremantle when in walks Kevin with a little lady on his arm.


Her name was Supol pronounced Supon and she comes from Ban Fang Khon Kaen. We both got on like a house

on fire and she ended up telling me she has a friend in Thailand she would like me to meet.


Photos were exchanged and I ended borrowing some money and going with Kevin and Supol to Thailand in

September 1991to meet her friend Naeng.


We met about 1am in the morning and spent the whole month together.


After arriving back in Australia, I got things underway for her to go to Australia and on 20th of March 1992

she arrived  and we were married on the 3rd of May 1992 and here we are now both living in Thailand with

25 years of marriage under our belt.



And there she is in an image at the top of the post which was taken during that trip.


I will give some more details about the trip to meet her in a later post.


A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Winston Churchill






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Spent 5 hours here yesterday with a very swollen ankle and leg after being referred there by a local doctor for tests he couldn't do. A number of tests were run that found  an infection in the blood but none the wiser to know how or what caused the infection.


Can't speak highly enough of the very helpful and knowledgeable staff employed there.


Left there around 1pm and being an outpatient, with a bucket full of 

pills to add to our vast dispensary at home.

After being on a drip yesterday and back there today and the next 5 days for more.


While there today, took a couple of shots in the grounds.






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