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Koh Samet – Great beaches and Bbq!


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Koh Samet – Great beaches and Bbq!




Inspire is delighted to bring you ‘Dan about Thailand’s’ weekly vlogs.


Each week Dan will cover an area of interest from Thailand, often covering local topic or debate.


This week Dan on Koh Samet.




You can also follow Dan on his Facebook or You Tube page, simple search ‘Dan About Thailand Vlogs’.


Source: http://www.inspirepattaya.com/pattaya/koh-samet-great-beaches-bbq/


-- © Copyright Inspire Pattaya 2017-08-26
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4 hours ago, observer90210 said:

Looks cleaner then some parts of Pattaya, Hua Hin or Phuket beaches...


A guy making a living with a travel blog showing the dirty sections of beach would probably starve to death, or have to go back to his day job.  


And risk getting sued and prosecuted for causing economic harm.


I'm not claiming I know whether it is cleaner than the other options.  Just that I quit trusting travel brochures after my first trip to Mexico around 40 years ago.


That said, I do look forward to seeing some more of the guy's blogs.


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